In 2007, my wife, Rosalinda, and I went on our first culinary excursion to Granada, Spain. Having visited other parts of Spain in the past, we were very excited to experience a new part of the country.

We met and developed close relationships with wine makers from various areas of Granada and of course sampled all of their wines. We prepared tapas, main courses, side dishes, and learned how every dish complemented one another. It was beautiful to see how Granada’s rich multi-ethnic culture has contributed greatly to the flavors of the region. Needless to say, it felt like we truly left our hearts in Granada.

While there, we met Jorge Matas Comino, the executive chef and owner of Restaurante Carmen San Miguel. He took us under his wings and has become a dear friend and mentor.  In honor of our deep friendship, I have named my import endeavor after his restaurant. 

We’ve been back many times since that first trip. While on sabbatical, I returned to Granada to work with my now dear friend, Jorge, at his restaurant. I even celebrated my 59th birthday with the wonderful new friends I’ve come to call family.

Our love for the region, the relationships we’ve made, and the experiences we've had have inspired us to share these  flavors with you. We hope you enjoy and create your own memories.